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Manifest Game - read the Reviews and Feedback from players

Manifest is a solid, smart euro game – light enough for family fun, interesting enough for more demanding gamers.
The mechanics feel familiar, but combine into an elegant game
with distinct charm. I for one, would rather play Manifest than Ticket to Ride, for instance, and I can see people having a lot of fun with this one.  - Review on BGG by Zirk van den Berg
Manifest is one of those games that could be played on the same game night as Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride with a group of gateway gamers. It is simple to learn and play, but has a good amount
of planning and strategy – as well as
a couple of laugh out loud moments
each game...
 - Preview by James Flemming, boardgamereviewsbyjosh
When you open the box you know instantly that you are in for top rate experience. This is a game that is going to be passed down from generation to generation. - G. Bridle, review on
I like the conundrum factor of the Action Cards. Easy to pick up, fun ‘take that’ factor... - David Taylor (Coordinator, Board Games by the Bay / Seriously Board Store Owner)
The delivery model gives it an extra dimension to Ticket to Ride. I love the balance between attack / defend and fulfilling the contracts. Great fun. A game that I know I will enjoy playing for years to come. - Jo Toon (Gamer at Wellycon 2013)
You wouldn’t want to miss this for all the tea in China! ... the game generates some surprising tension. - Jason Meyers, ISlaytheDragon
The artwork and theme is outstanding – a lot of attention has gone into details such as the historical accuracy of
the era and the art work on both the board and cards
 - Penguin Chicky, review on
Absolutely love this game. Perfect balance of strategy and ease of learning/teaching - Ben Hester, Austin, Texas

There are some really cool things that come into Manifest, and it makes the game a lot of fun. A really enjoyable game, easy to teach, the rulebook is very well written. You can be up and ready to play in just a matter of minutes. - To The Table: Family Perspective Game Reviews (YouTube video)