AUZTRALIA by Martin Wallace
shoggoth from AuZtralia
Rahdo’s Final Thoughts
Hear what Rahdo thought about the game (8min)

How to Play AuZtralia
Watch an overview of the game mechanics and components (10 min, prototype art)
Rahdo’s Runthrough
Watch Rahdo plays a 2-player game
(1hr 13min, prototype artwork)

Heavy Cardboad Playthrough
AuZtralia 4-player Play-through, Teaching, & Round-table discussion (3 hr 27 min, prototype art)

AuZtralia Feature Night at Cakes & Ladders
Short video of Cakes N Ladders featuring AuZtralia, March 2018 (1min 30s, prototype art)
The Production Meeting
Behind the scenes – Designer and Publisher at work! (1min 18s)

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