AUZTRALIA by Martin Wallace
Cthulhu from AuZtralia

AuZtralia, the board game by Martin Wallace. Available in English and eight other languages.

Available from SchilMil Games, Stronghold Games and international co-publishing partners listed here.

Product Description

AuZtralia is an adventure/exploration game for up to 4 players, set in an alternate reality 1930s. The theme is inspired by Martin Wallace's A Study in Emerald. The game can be played competitively, or as a solo game or as a fully co-operative game.

Available on-line: AuZtralia is now available to purchase on-line in New Zealand from the SchilMil Games on-line store.

Retailers - please contact your usual distributors, or the Publishers listed below.

Auzrtalia box
English edition available from:
stronhold publishing
Stronghold Publishing

7964 Emerald Winds Circle
Boynton Beach FL 33473, USA
Call + 1 908 304 5711

Schilmil Games
SchilMil Games

11 Peregrine Place
Birkenhead, Auckland 0626
New Zealand
Call + 64 480 7010

French edition available from:
Nuts! publishing
Nuts! Publishing

2 rue Castelmeur
29 000 QUIMPER

German edition available from:
Schwerkraft Verlag

Im Heetwinkel 43
46514 Schermbeck

Italian edition available from:
Inmedia Srl (

P.zza S.M. Consolatrice 12
Roma, Italy
Call + 39 925 222 1008

Polish edition available from:
Phalanx Games

Vertima Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.
Al. Przyjaźni 59L/7 45-572 Opole
NIP 7543120350
Call + 48 791 084 859

Portuguese edition available from:
Ludofy Creative
Ludofy Creative

Rua Azir Antonio Salton,
106 - São Paulo, BRAZIL
Call + 55 11 2972 0593

Spanish edition available from:
MasQueOca Group
MasQueOca Group

c/ Marbella 59
28034 Madrid, Spain
Call + 34 61977086

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